Tura - A Legacy of Innovations Tura - A Legacy of Innovations Tura - A Legacy of Innovations

A Legacy of Innovation

An established eyewear company today, Tura was born out of "The House of Levoy," a dispensary on Madison Avenue in New York City. (The name Tura was derived from the company product the "Futura Mirror.") Here, eyewear was promoted as both a medical necessity and a fashion accessory. In fact, in 1949, the Levoy family ran an ad for their business which said: "Because women who wear glasses realize that there is no such thing as inconspicuous glasses, spectacle frames assume their logical place as a fashion accessory." The young company also prided itself on quality, with the first and only all-metal die-cast frames in the industry.

Making Fashion History

Company founder Monroe Levoy also believed that eyewear was just one part of a bigger wardrobe. Tura, therefore, encouraged owning a wardrobe of glasses to match color schemes in clothing. They even sold matching jewelry and frame sets for women and matching cufflinks and frame sets for men. Ever the father of invention, in the 1940s Levoy introduced the "Turanette," a double tiara design on a lightweight metal frame that held hair in place. It is no doubt that Levoy's innovative fashion philosophies set the optical industry in motion.


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