Tura - Service Experts

Service Experts

At Tura we take pride in providing the ultimate in service. All of our customer service personnel receive extensive product training and are committed to providing outstanding service. We make sure they have all of the tools necessary to answer your questions or resolve any difficulties as fast as possible, starting with caller ID so your account information appears on their monitor when they answer your call. They also have package tracking and your entire order history on their desktops, frame boards of all of our models in the department and access to a product specialist at all times. As a team we strive to exceed your expectations and want to know if we don't.

In today’s busy optical dispensaries eyecare professionals are stretched for time. Tura keeps its exclusive sales force streamlined to meet your needs. Our 100 plus, full service marketing consultant’s service your area, no matter where it falls on the map - covering all of North America and Canada. Marketing Consultants can help you manage your frame boards, aid you with product exchanges, give an ABO certified presentation for continuing education credit, assist with style shows and merchandise your office.


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